Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) electronic journals are on trial till April 30, 2014. MORE>> (2014-03-20)
Ebooks database Cambridge Companions Online is on trial till April 30, 2014. MORE>> (2014-03-20)
Cambridge Books Online is on trial till April 30, 2014. MORE>> (2014-03-20)
The trial of SAGE Knowledge and Social Sciences Literature Review tool SAGE Navigator is set up till April 27, 2014. MORE>> (2014-03-28)
Ebooks database University Press Scholarship Online is on trial till March 31, 2014. MORE>> (2014-03-03)
Trial of humanities and social sciences handbooks at database Oxford Handbooks Online is set up till March 31, 2014. MORE>> (2014-02-28) 
Nature is on trial till March 13, 2014. MORE>> (2014-02-17)
Trial of Asian Film Online is set up till March 8, 2014. MORE>> (2014-02-05) 
Emerald eBook series are on trial till February 28, 2014. MORE>> (2014-02-05)  
HeinOnline‘s Kluwer Law International Journal Library is on trial till February 17, 2014. MORE>> (2014-01-20)
More than 5000 books in new Ebrary collection Psychology & Social WorkMORE>> (2014-01-14)
New licenced database KTU eBooks is available to VMU users. MORE>> (2013-12-17)
SCI-TECHnetBase is on trial till December 31, 2013.  MORE>> (2013-11-12)
Taylor & Francis eBooks are on trial till December 31, 2013. MORE>> (2013-11-05) 
Linguistic Bibliography Online is on trial till December 26, 2013.  MORE>> (2013-11-28)
Trial of American Theological Library Association (ATLA) Historical Monographs Collection: Series 1, American Theological Library Association (ATLA) Historical Monographs Collection: Series 2, Historical Abstracts with Full Text, World War II Archives is set up till December 22, 2013.  MORE>> (2013-10-22) 
Trial of Applied Science & Technology Source, Art Source, Education Source, Humanities Source, Legal Source, Library & Information Science Source (EBSCO Publishing) is set up till December 10, 2013. MORE>> (2013-10-08) 
Bloomberg Professional is on trial till December 4, 2013. MORE>> (2013-10-28) 
VMU library invites to test a database in the field of law, economics and business Mybrary (in Russian) until 3rd December, 2013.  MORE>> (2013-11-18)
Trial of Communication & Mass Media Complete, RILM Abstracts of Music Literature, RILM Retrospective Abstracts of Music Literature, RIPM Retrospective Index to Music Periodicals, RISM Series A/II: Music Manuscripts after 1600 is set up till November 30, 2013. MORE>>  (2013-10-04) 
Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals is on trial till November 15, 2013. MORE>> (2013-10-10) 
International Law Reports is on trial till November 1, 2013. MORE>> (2013-10-03) 
The trial of De Gruyter journals is set up till October 30, 2013 MORE>>  (2013-10-02)
East View Information Services database is on trial till October 31, 2013. MORE>>  (2013-10-01)
The trial of Bentham Science journals is set up till August 3, 2013. MORE>> (2013-05-06)
Trial of OpenEdition is set up till May 31, 2013. MORE>> (2013-03-07)
The new products of Euromonitor International Passport Cities ir Passport Countries and Consumers are on trial till May 31, 2013. MORE>> (2013-03-01)
APA E-Books on the APA PsycNET® platform is on trial till 28 May, 2013MORE>> (2013-04-30)
Trial of PsycTESTS, PsycEXTRA ir PsycCRITIQUES (on EBSCOhost) is set up till May 15, 2013. MORE>> (2013-04-15)
We subscribe to eBooks on ScienceDirect database on: computer science, biochemistry and genetics, medicine, finance, psychology, biology, physics and other. MORE>> (2013-01-28)
Newspaper Direct database is on trial till April 30, 2013. MORE>> (2013-03-05)
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